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Gwynneth Paltrow opens her mouth too wide...

Apparently GWYNNETH PALTROW thinks that in this era of cyberspace, what she says in another country will stay in that country. You fool !! She recently ranted in a Portuguese newspaper that she prefers to live in England because us, dummies in the United States are not up to her intellectual level i.e. no conversation skills in the U.S. equals those at the British dinner table. Poor GWYNNETH !! She laments that we, who paid for her lifestyle by going to see her(stupid) movies are way too dumb for her and we bore us. And she goes on and on.

This is not new, Americans actors have the nasty habit to criticize their fellow citizens in foreign publications. Shame on them and shame on GWYNNETH. I know that any intelligent being should not bite the hand that feed them and my hand (in my wallet) will certainly not contribute to feed that dumb mouth ever again !!! How about you ? have any pride ?

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