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Oprah Winfrey's road trip

Nothing much to say about OPRAH WINFREY'S road trip per se except that she seems awfully squeamish about sleeping in cheap motels. Her skin must have gotten very thin. She seems so removed from every day normal things that most of us do that I am shocked that (too many) black Americans take her as their idol. Folks ! OPRAH is not like you and does not like what you like. The way she "hugs"people is a dead giveaway.

Now the real purpose of this entry : OPRAH is not a size 10 or whatever (small) size she or her designers claim she is. On her road trip, we see her wearing those tight sweat pants and Gosh, she's got a big rear end !!!!!! Not wonder she's sitting on her show or always facing front if she's standing. Hiding that caboose !!

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